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Montessori sandpaper letters


The preschool day is very simple and easy to understand. We have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, children can attend either session or stay for the full day. The session starts with your child being welcomed at the door by a Teacher. We use the My Montessori Child Ipad system to display a page of photographs of the children attending that day so your child can select their picture and register themselves.

Group of children using Montessori colour tablets

Circle time

Once in the classroom your child is free to choose their own activities under the watchful eye of the Teachers, one of which will be your child’s Key Worker. Your child can have a snack and drink whenever they want at the snack table. Towards the end of the session the children come together for Circle Time. With a Teacher they discuss the day of the week, the month, the season, and the weather. The Teacher then presents from the planned theme for that day. This is often taken from a subject from the Cultural, or Understanding the World part of out Montessori curriculum. Your child will then get ready to go home or have lunch.


Out door play area at Orpington Montessori

Outdoor play

The afternoon session follows the same pattern. In both sessions your child may choose to stay in the classroom or spend time in the outdoor play area. The outdoor play area, with it’s all weather canopy, is set up to deliver our curriculum in other ways.

Sensorial shelves with Montessori materials

Low level shelves

Children select an activity of their choice from a low level shelf.

child cutting grapes at the snack table

Healthy snack bar

Children and teachers prepare healthy food for the snack bar. Your child can have a healthy snack,water or milk whenever they want to.

Sensorial trays with green sand and sea shells

Work cycle

Another feature of our Montessori method is the work cycle. This is a curious term because children play, they don’t work do they? Yes children play, their play is their work and through their play they will build the adult they will one day be. The work cycle is a three hour period in which a child can choose activities they wish to engage in. It is this freedom of choice that is so important to aid their development and self confidence.


This video introduces the Montessori method and explains what a Montessori preschool does.

Forest School

Our Forest School experience develops confidence, self-esteem and resilience through positive outdoor experiences.

Using the Montessori principle of “follow the child”, we observe your child as they interact with the environment and other children. We then tailor activities and use different areas of the wood to satisfy their developmental needs. We promote your child’s independence by encouraging them and enabling them to do as much as possible by themselves.

This is done through both child led and teacher inspired activities.