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Natural Learners has been providing high quality Montessori education in Orpington since 2007 Cima Shahroudi started a small Montessori child minding practice in her own home in 2005 She had become interested in Montessori education as a way to benefit her own children and started the Montessori International Diploma course and Montessori Centre International in London. She completed the Diploma in 2003 and in 2007 opened her first preschool in Pratts Bottom village, Orpington. The preschool was called Shining Stars and was popular with local families and those that travelled to give their children the advantage of Montessori preschool.

In 2009 she was asked to start a preschool in Orpington Methodist Church Hall after the previous preschool closed down. The agreement of the church to create an outdoor play area and the provision of Montessori education proved a winning formula. The new preschool was named Orpington Montessori preschool and was soon full.

In 2013 the preschool in Pratts Bottom moved to the former Pratts Bottom URC Church hall. The preschool was re-named Rushmore House Montessori preschool. The preschool leased the whole premises which allowed longer opening hours during term time and the ability to open during school breaks. In 2015 Orpington Holiday Club opened during the school summer holiday now operates every school break and half term, except the Christmas break. Taking advantage of the close proximity to Birthday Wood a Forest School is run for the children of both preschools each Wednesday.

In 2015 both preschools under went an inspection by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board. Both preschools passed and became Accredited Montessori preschools. In 2019 both preschools were reinspected and maintained their accredited status and are still today the only accredited Montessori preschools in Orpington.

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Cima Shahroudi BSc MSc Intl Dip Mont EYPS

(Group Manager)